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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Student Annotations: Alternative Lifestyles

I hate the term Alternative Lifestyles, but it is the most inclusive. What we are talking about here are books that deal with gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender issues. Alternative Lifestyles is the standard term so as not to leave any parties out.

In general, these books deal with many coming out issues, which are extremely helpful to young adult readers. We teach the major authors in this special reading interest group on a day with other special reading interests, such as African-American, Latino, Inspirational, and Gen XYZ. These are not genres because in each of these areas, one can find a book in each and any genre.

Two students have shared their Alternative Lifestyles annotations. The first is a seminal book in the topic area and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this special reading area.

Ruby Fruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown
Finding H.F. by Julia Watts

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