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RA Service Assessment

...the real area upon which I am focusing my in-person and blogging efforts is an area that has been too long neglected when it comes to RA service-- assessment. Those of us on the front lines of training librarians to provide excellent RA service have had to focus on teaching the basics and populating the public library world with RA focused librarians.
Enough progress has been made on that front that, while there are still a lot of people who need basic training, there are also enough trying to provide RA service that I need to start helping people assess what they are offering. That is where I can help where others cannot, and it is why I am embarking on this new professional adventure. 
Here is what this all means for you, my loyal readers.  I have started a new series entitled, “RA Service Assessment” which will be filed under the tag “assessment." These posts will go deeper than those that I tag "RA training."  They will be about how you can take actual steps to analyze your efforts with leisure readers and determine the course you should take in the future.

This page is the archive for those posts.  You can use the tag assessment to pull all of the posts up in reverse chronological order, or use the list below to read them in the order I wrote them  It's up to you.

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RA Assessment Series

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