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Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Reader Profile

Although you may think you know what you like to read, until you are forced to sit down and write why, you have no idea. Each semester, we have our students write their own reader profile. The argument I use is, how can you help others to find books they may enjoy based on a short conversation, if you do not understand why you enjoy certain books yourself?

The exercise itself is quite simple, think about the books you enjoy based on the major appeal factors and try to link them. The goals is to come up with a document that makes general statements about your general reading tastes. What it does best is force you to make the subconscious, conscious.

We also require that the students list 3 books they like and 3 books they did not enjoy. We then mix up the profiles and have them take another student's (without the name attached) and suggest books for him or her.

Here is the link to my profile. I wrote this about a year ago, although I did update my dislikes recently. Now you know what I like. Have any suggestions for me?

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