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Monday, December 12, 2016

A Year in Reading

Today I want to point everyone to one of my favorite year end book things... The Millions A Year In Reading, a series in which they ask writers to share the best thing they read this year and why.

The link I included goes to the entire archive. Each essay not only talks abut a book that impacted a current writer in the last year, but it also provides background on the author of the essay too; meaning, each entry in the series is enjoyable on two levels, which makes it twice as good.

And finally, every single entry has clear links to every year this series has run so that you can easily access the backlist.

If you have a patron looking for their next good read, and you are stumped in how to help him or her, click on over to A Year in Reading and let the patron look through it. These are books that deeply effected someone enough to write an entire essay about it. Also, if the patron can find an author he or she enjoys [or has at least heard of], that will help you to make a connection to keep the RA conversation going. 

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