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Ten Rules of Basic RA Service [Updated 10.14]

Becky's Ten Rules of Basic RA Service

1.   Betty Rosenberg: “Never apologize for your reading tastes.”
      A non-judgmental list of what you should read"
2.   Suggest don’t Recommend.
3.   Everyone reads a different version of the same book.
4.   Write down adjectives about what you read; plot you can find.
5.   Read widely (at least speed read widely).
6.   Read about books (RSS feeds).
7.   Share what you read- with staff and patrons.
8.   Never let a patron leave unsatisfied.
9.   Get out from behind the desk.
10.Bridge the physical-virtual divide.

The 5 Resources You Cannot Live Without 

Amazon: Plot summaries, author pages, possible read alikes, but most importantly, customer comments! 5 star and 1 star reviews are the most helpful. Treat customer reviews as patrons.  GoodReads works similarly although you do not have access to the professional reviews like with Amazon.

NoveList: Newly improved. Your feedback welcome. Many things you need all in one place. [Full disclosure-- I write for them.]

KentDistrict Public Library’s What’s Next DatabaseEasy to retrieve and print lists of books in series order. Makes patrons happy.  Brings them back!

Gnooks: When you are desperate…distract them.

All Although it is not a pretty site, no one else gives the frank sex and violence level information that their reviewers do.