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Monday, February 4, 2008

No Country For Old Men

As advertised last week, I did go see the Coen Brothers' Oscar nominated film No Country for Old Men this weekend. I was blown away. It was amazing. But the difference here as opposed to seeing Atonement is that I did not read McCarthy's novel.

You can read reviews of the movie, but I want to give a Readers' Advisor tip here. We got home and I went right on the internet to pull up book discussion guides on the novel. I know this is not McCarthy's movie, but knowing his work, I could tell the movie stayed true to his vision. This really helped to answer a few questions my husband and I had about the overall themes of the movie and fueled an even longer discussion on the film.

No Country for Old Men has an apocalyptic theme which I think is nicely followed by McCarthy's latest novel The Road (which happens to be one of my recent favorites). I am excited to see the film version of The Road due this year.

So, I have seen 2 of the 5 Best Picture Nominees and it is hands down No Country for Old Men in the lead now. Oh, and Javier Bardem is that good. This week is Juno or There Will Be Blood.

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