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Friday, March 7, 2008

New Blog Feature: Take Ten

The Berwyn Public Library's website is about to be updated. One of the new features I am going to add to the RA page is a category of take and go annotated lists of 10 books on a general topic. One of our former employees, Kim, came up with the catchy name, "Take Ten."

The official description of the series as it was approved for publication on the as yet to be updated web site is as follows: "Feel like you have “read everything?” Want a fresh look at some new and different books? You have come to the right place. "Take Ten" is a collection of bibliographies of ten books, linked by some common theme, idea, or feel. There are many choices for a wide range of reading tastes. New reading adventures are only a click away."

As a teaser, I can start posting the lists now. I also have many student lists of 10 books which they have prepared for in class book talks which I will include under this heading in the future. My goal is to post at least 2 a month. We'll see how that goes.

I do want to state that these are different from the BPL display lists which I periodically post since those are tied to a specific display. These lists are meant to stand on their own.

The first, which gave me the inspiration to create these lists in general, is entitled Take Ten: Great American Novels...with a Twist. The list begins with an explanation as to the parameters.

Again, I will try to post these twice a month, and they will always be tagged as "take ten." You can click on that label on the right side of the page to find all of the lists.

I would love to see anyone else's lists if they want to share.

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