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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Additions to My Shelfari Shelf

I am experimenting with doing even more with my Shelfari account. I am now cross posting the books I have read and reported on here. There are many reasons to do this. First, it promotes this blog on Shelfari and leads those users here where I can remind them (as I do you) of all the ways your local public library can enhance your reading experience.

But the second and more important reason is that the newly redesigned BPL web site will be up and running next week and our department is looking into how Shelfari can update our staff reading logs. BPL was one of the first public libraries to put narrative descriptions of what our staff was reading on the web. This was back in 2001 and way before Web 2.0 made it easy. We have continued to update this impressive collection of reading logs here, but with our new web site, we can now consider new ways of doing this. Ways that take better advantage of Web 2.0 capabilities and functions.

Shelfari allows you to visually display your books and easily add comments about them. BPL could also create a group so that our books are all found in one place. It is a very exciting prospect that we will be pursuing in the next few months. If you head over to their site and sign up for a free account, you can look at my shelf and those of any other user to see for yourself. (Search for Becky Spratford and you'll find my shelf)

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