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Monday, August 25, 2008

Public Libraries and the Economy-Part 2

On July 28th I wrote here about how public library traffic picks up during an economic downturn. Well, a few days ago The Chicago Tribune posted this article entitled, "New Fans Check out Libraries," which gives some hard facts about the increase in public library usage here in Chicagoland.

A point to note that differ from my last post on this subject is the argument that the public library is not only a free source of entertainment but a close one, meaning less gas (if any) is used. This point is further underscored at my local library where we received many requests for more bicycle racks this summer.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, --I read this article last Friday too and had the very same reaction. It hasn't felt like much of a summer because it's been super busy at both of my jobs!

Usually during the summer, some libraries get a break from the huge demand of patron's library requests. I remember summertime use to give the library staff at the Cicero PL a chance to catch up on numerous library projects, but this summer it's a different story!

Summertime use to be called "our slow or catch-up time" at the Metropolitan Library System, this year I've noticed more interlibrary loan requests submitted into the ILL Department than ever! Smaller libraries are using this service to please their patron's literary and viewing interests.

People are requesting everything they could get their hands on, best seller books, numerous music CDs, from all eras, to Seinfeld's complete series on DVD.

This explains why I've been super busy all season long! The Cicero Public Library can't deny this either, the lines of patrons get longer and longer everyday and the parking lot at the Fountaindale Public Library in Bolingbrook is always full of vehicles.

Don't get me wrong I like this busy time. Why you may ask, because this means libraries and librarians rock!

Look out Walmart and Barnes and Noble, public libraries are standing strong!

S ")
Spring 2007
RA Student
P.S. I enjoyed this class very much!

Becky said...

Hey S. I am so glad you started your own blog too. I will add it to my list on the blog here. I was also glad to hear our entire system has been so busy.

I agree with you 100% about loving that we are so busy. Hopefully, the library can be a bright spot for families struggling in this economy.