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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

BPL Fire

There was a fire at the Berwyn Public Library, but thankfully, it was confined to the boiler/ac. However, there is smoke damage throughout the building and we are open limited hours on 1 out of three floors. I was not scheduled to work today, but will be there all day tomorrow and hope to have more of a report.

Knowing that the materials are fine allows me the time to look at this situation from a customer service standpoint. I will report on how well we can still help patrons in this situation. My initial response is, as long as the staff's health is not in jeopardy, this could be a great staff development opportunity. Cross training and sharing between departments can happen more easily with all of us on 1 floor. I am actually looking forward to the opportunity to think outside of the box tomorrow. I hope we can use this situation to our advantage and become more helpful to our patrons as a result.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This was quite a scare. I'm glad so glad it didn't go to extremes.

Everyone at MLS was thinking about our library member. ;)