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Monday, September 8, 2008

Horror Reading List 2008 Part 2

It is time to update the horror lists at the Berwyn Public Library in preparation for Halloween. I already did a quick list more off the top of my head here. This is part 2, but please do refer to the other list linked above which includes more novels.

Some big name horror authors with recent releases in preparation for Halloween are F. Paul Wilson's By the Sword: A Repairman Jack Novel (10/08), John Saul's Faces of Fear (8/08) and Dean Koontz's Odd Hours, part of his very popular Odd Thomas series. Stephen King also had Duma Key this year and his new collection of stories Just After Sunset is due in November.

A few less than household name authors also had some scary offerings to note. They may not be bestsellers, but they are worth your time:

Bram Stoker Award winner, Alexandra Sokoloff (The Harrowing), published another satisfyingly eerie novel this year, The Price (2/08). With the popularity of vampire romances these days, it is always nice to see female horror writers earning respect for good old fashioned scary books. In The Price this is just what readers get. The plot revolves around a politician running for governor of MA, his sick daughter, and a strange hospital where the sick get better and the healthy get sicker.

I love Ramsey Campbell. He is a bit violent but his novels never fail to scare the heck out of you. His newest, Grin of the Dark (7/08), involves a clown. Enough said.

Nate Kenyon first entered the horror scene with Bloodstone and this November he will be back with The Reach. I honestly have not read enough about this title to provide plot information, but it is a Leisure Fiction horror paperback, which is generally recommendation enough.

Finally, Bryan Smith has come out with a new Leisure title too. This one, Queen of Blood (4/08)is a sequel to House of Blood. Basically, the new book follows the survivors of the first, and a few ghosts too. This a wild and bloody story revolving around other worldly beings who need innocent human blood.

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