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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reader Resolutions for 2009

I love what David Wright of the Seattle Public Library has done here with his Reader Resolutions for 2009. His last one: I will ask a librarian to show me some print and online resources for readers, is my favorite of course.

In terms of the list itself, I love the idea of each reader thinking about where they want their reading to take them in the upcoming year. It doesn't matter if your reading leads you into exploring new places or helps you to revisit old favorites; but the idea of thinking about specific ideas, themes, or genres that you would like to explore in the coming year is a great idea.

Also, from the librarian point of view, I love that Wright linked each resolution to a search in their catalog. For example, in number 12 he states he will read a book about a place he's never been. The hyperlink leads to a catalog entry for Kim Stanley Robinson's seminal SF title, Blue Mars. Pretty safe bet that no one reading his post has ever been there, and yet, the choice also allows you to think "out side the box" in terms of finding a title that fits with the resolution.

The point is, his resolutions are interesting for patrons to read while also being useful and instructive.

What are your reading resolutions?

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