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Monday, April 13, 2009


Everyone is twittering about site ISBNdb.com. It is being described as the Internet Movie Database for books.

From their FAQ: ISBNdb.com gets the data in a unique way - it scans libraries all across the world for book information.... Scanned results are then parsed and stored in a searchable and browseable database that you see here on ISBNdb.com. An attempt is made at cross-indexing the database by author, publisher, category and so on. Cross indexing is still a work in progress and is likely to improve as the time goes on.

Personally and professionally, I am not impressed by this database. I do not find it very useful. However, I am well versed in all of the free and subscription databases available to search for books. I think you can get the same information in a more pleasant format from Amazon.

Try out ISBNdb for yourself.

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