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Monday, June 15, 2009

Student Annotations: Genres of the Emotions

Right now over at Dominican University, Joyce will be teaching the class about genres in which the most important appeal factor is how the books make the reader feel. So today it is Romance, Gentle Reads, Women's Lives and Relationships and Horror.

Horror? Yes, Horror. Horror may feel like the winner of the "which one of these doesn't belong" prize here, but think about it, it makes sense. Horror is all about how it makes you feel. In this case it is terror, not the heart-warming feeling of all the is good and nice in the world like a Gentle Read.

It is simply a different emotion, but it is still all about how the books make you feel. People read Horror to be scared, just as others read Romance to participate in the love story of the main characters.

Go on over to the Word Press Blog to see what the students think.

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