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Friday, July 17, 2009

Graphic Novel News

There are a few interesting items in the Graphic Novel field to report.

First, Marvel Comics and Doubleday have announced that they are going to allow the graphic novel version of Stephen King's The Stand to be released in regular book stores beginning in January of 2010. This should be a high demand title at just about every public library. And, it might be a great crossover title that introduces the graphic novel format to new adult readers.

Todd Allen did an interesting study of Graphic Novel penetration into the library market for Publishers Weekly this week. Despite the dearth of main stream reviews for graphic novels, libraries are still getting them. Hopefully this report will encourage publishers of graphic novels to market to libraries better. It is hard for us to get graphic novels without having to physically drive to the book store or comics shop and go on a shopping spree a few times a year. With more reviews in trusted sources, we can better serve the high demand we have for these titles.

And, if it weren't popular enough already, Stephenie Meyer just announced on her website that she is working on a YA Graphic Novel version of Twilight. This report from Early World also has the link to an exclusive peek at the forthcoming book in this week's EW. As of yet, there is no publication date for this sure to be best seller.

And to round out this Graphic Novel news wrap up, here's a link to this week's New York Times Graphic Novels Best Sellers list.

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