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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Best Graphic Novels of the Decade and General GN Library Collection Comments

Here is another one of Paste's lists of the "Best of the Decade." This time it's the best graphic novels.

We have worked hard at Berwyn to have a graphic novel section for readers aged 16 and up. Click here to read some of my posts about our work. This does not mean our "adult" graphic novel section is in any way "R" rated, it just contains books with stories and art that is sophisticated enough to interest an older audience.

I knew our work is getting noticed when about a year ago (after, at that point 8 years of building the collection), an over 50 year-old woman asked me for help in picking out graphic novels for herself. Thus, the first of my "graphic novels for grownups" lists was born. (There have been updates, but I will save that for another post.)

Don't forget to click here and see the graphic novels my students have read over the last few semesters too. Some are from the decade's best list above.

Looking at these three lists and reading the annotations, it should become clear that graphic novels are not just comic books, and they aren't just for kids.

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