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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why We Love Scandinavian Crime Novels: Part 2

In July, I posted here about the possible reasons why the American public has fallen in love with the brutal Scandinavian crime novel.

This past weekend, in her Lit Life column in The Chicago Tribune, Julia Keller has this essay about these novels, which she is calling, "Nordic Noir."

I love that new heading, and will use it often.  The essay also includes a list of some Scandinavian novels of note. You can also use this link to my posts about Scandinavian crime books with lots of links to even more titles.


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky,

I just checked in on your blog yesterday to see what you were reading, saw this post, and then this morning saw an almost identically titled article in the Wall Street Journal's Weekend section. Check it out!

Hope you're doing well.
Cynthia Douglas

Becky said...

Thanks for checking in Cynthia. Everyone's talking about Nordic Noir. It is dark and twisted, but so good.