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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Helping You To Find Your Next Good Read: Historical Fiction

As I am preparing for this week's class on what Joyce calls "The Landscape Genres," meaning genres for which the setting is a huge appeal for readers, I came across this new prize for historical fiction.

There is sometimes confusion as to what makes something historical fiction as opposed to a book from a long time ago.  I have discussed this issue and given examples here. It is an interesting distinction that our patrons aren't always making when they ask for a title, but one which we as RAs need to aware of. Click through to see what I am talking about, then use the back button to get back to this post.

When I first started teaching the RA class back in the fall of 2004, the list of historical fiction resources was embarrassingly small.  (I think there were 2, and they were only in print) Now, there are many to choose from, both in print and online.  Here are a few of my favorite Historical Fiction resources.
Now go find a book to read.


    Sarah said...

    Hi Becky, thanks so much for your kind words about my publications! I really appreciate it and am glad you've found them useful. I wrote a sequel piece for Bookmarks last year and am hoping they'll put it online eventually.

    Margaret Donsbach's HistoricalNovels.info is such an amazing site! It's good to see it included on your list.

    Becky said...

    You are welcome Sarah. I know about the second Bookmarks piece as I am am subscriber and have been waiting for it to be up online since its publication.

    Joyce and I taught Historical Fiction last night and highlighted your blog and publications.

    Thank you for making it easier for me to help my historical fiction readers (myself included).

    Sarah said...

    You're very welcome, and thanks again! That sounds like a fun class. (I wish RA had been taught when I was in library school, but no luck.) I've been enjoying reading your students' posts on books in the different genres.