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Monday, February 1, 2010

Reinvigorate Your Book Club

Today at work five of my regular book club participants stopped in to say hi to me at the desk.  Many of them wanted to comment on how much they are enjoying our upcoming February title (An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by PD James).

Seeing them got me to thinking about our group and its longevity.  We celebrated our 9th anniversary with the January 2010 meeting. That is a long time. It's even longer when I think back to the fact that even after giving birth two children in those 9 years, I have missed less than 5 meetings.

I love my group and it is a joy to lead them, but we all need a little refreshing now and then. Over the years I have added new techniques to keep things fresh.  One addition I have made to our discussions in the past 18 months is the use of reviews during the discussion itself.

Neil Hollands posted about the uses of reviews for book clubs a few days ago on Book Group BuzzClick here for the post; my comments are at the bottom.

The new year is a time for all book clubs to think outside their comfortable box.   Reading Group Guides, suggests old groups looking closely at advice for new groups as a great way to reinvigorate a long standing group.

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