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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Books for a Catholic Book Group

One of the regulars in my book club was asked by her Catholic History group at church to help them start a Catholic Book Group. She turned to me, her fearless book club leader, for suggestions of books which would work for a faith based discussion.

The first place I directed her to go was The Faithful Reader which is part of the Book Reporter network and is a well regarded resource for faith based books.  They have this extensive list of study guides, which are basically book discussion guides for faith centered books. They are not all from a Catholic perspective, but they are proven titles to be discussed from a faith based perspective.

There are also a few books I thought of that may work with the group, but not being Catholic myself, I told her to look them over for herself before suggesting them to the group.
On a side note, I regularly get requests from local book clubs to prepare lists of books for their groups. For those of you out there at RA desks, this is a great service to offer your patrons. Who better to compile the lists than you! Also, it is a great PR move. People love and appreciate the help so much, they will brag to their friends about how awesome you are.


Deborah said...

Becky, here's another great resource, not exclusively Catholic, but still a great list.


ckubala said...

I'd highly recommend Mary Doria Russel's Sparrow to the group. It is about a Jesuit Priest who leads a mission to a newly found extraterrestial planet. Our book group read this several years ago and it sparked a spirited discussion of faith, god, and our place on earth, and whether other life forms exist.

Becky said...

Thanks for reminding me about The Sparrow. I totally forgot that the main character was a priest.

The Sparrow is a great choice for any book group, religious or not.

paul said...

Thanks for your blog :)