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Monday, April 5, 2010

Marketing Tips for All Public Libraries

I have used this blog as a platform for many RA related issues and effectively marketing your library and its services to leisure readers is one of my favorite of those issues. Although I love to push libraries into doing more marketing, I myself am not a marketing expert.

No problem though. As a librarian, I am not expected to be an expert on every issue; I am simply expected to know where to find the experts. And so, I have.

First, here is a great interview Sarah Long of the North Suburban Library System did with Denise Raleigh, Director of Marketing, Development, and Communications at Gail Borden Public Library District, about her many marketing successes. The library has been recognized nationally for their marketing efforts. Denise offers some marketing tips, such as taking well-planned risks, planning for big photo opportunities, and thinking big.

Second, here is a detailed report done by Envirosell, a leading research and consulting agency for commercial environments that integrates the analysis of layout, merchandising, and operations, when they conducted a study at four libraries in my local Metropolitan Library System (IL).  Each partner library was selected for its diversity of size and user population.  Results from the study are available here.

My favorite part of Envirosell's report is toward the end where they give best practices based on how much money you have to spend. They even have marketing advice for those with no money to spend. Sage advice for these tough fiscal times.

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