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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stephen King's Summer Reading Picks

I was reading the most recent issue of  Entertainment Weekly this morning and I discovered it has my favorite summer reading list of the year, Stephen King's 6 Must Reads for Summer.

I not only love his picks each year, especially because he doesn't limit himself to new books, but also, his annotations are the best. He writes his reviews as a reader (not as a writer). His love for the books he is recommending come down to why he enjoyed them as a reader; there is very little about their "literary merit." His enthusiasm for a good story is contagious.

For example, here is what he had to say about The Passage, which I am almost done with:
"You've heard about this ripping (literally) yarn; summer's the perfect time to read it. Zombie vampires called ''virals'' overwhelm the world, and mankind's only hope rests with an immortal little girl from Iowa. The book's white-hot center is a rousing chase set on a train racing balls-to-the-wall through the Nevada desert. If it doesn't raise your pulse, you're probably a viral yourself."
Also, here is the link to King's list from last year. There are some good ones here too.

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