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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BPL Displays: September 2010

We have 2 new displays up at the BPL. The first,on the small display, is our annual display in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.  This year the annotated list highlights some literary fiction offerings.

The tall display has actually been up for awhile and makes me happy every time I walk past it. It features "patron picks." Why does it make me so happy though? Well, this summer, our fearless leader, Kathy, had the idea that we should ask the adult summer reading participants to not only write down the titles of the books they read, but also, to rank their favorites using a star system.

We then compiled the highest rated books read this past summer and put them out in the display, adding our own annotated list.

But it is the range of books contained in this display that makes me so happy. I am happy because I am proud of our patrons for reading so many different types of books. I am happy because I am proud of our staff for the work we do each and every day, helping our readers, and making suggestions, which led to this amazing breadth of books. I also saw books on this display that I know were put in a patron's hand by one of our staff.

Another side benefit of this display is that it is serving as a perfect browsing collection. Readers and staff know that these shelves hold a cross section of what the patrons at the BPL like to read. When I am stumped and cannot come up with an idea on what to suggest to a patron a few months from now, I will return to the pick list for this display to help.

To see our archived annotated lists go to the Suggested Reading Lists page on the BPL website.

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