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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Historical Fiction Resource and Medieval Fiction Suggestions

I realized that I haven't talked about Historical Fiction in awhile. I do enjoy historical fiction, but I only read a handful of titles a year (it's really a time issue).  One way I supplement my reading is by subscribing to the RSS feed for Sarah Johnson's Reading the Past blog.

Sarah is a librarian and author of genre guides on historical fiction. The blog is a great resource for many reasons. First, she lives, breathes, and possibly eats, Historical Fiction. Sarah posts reviews and information on everything Historical Fiction just about every day. Second, she  keeps a thorough list of Historical Fiction and History blogs in the left gutter of the blog. I use this list frequently when helping readers to find their next good read.

And third, Sarah occasionally has guest posts by Historical Fiction authors, like this post from yesterday, when author Elizabeth Chadwick shared her favorite Medieval Historical Fiction.

If you haven't tried a historical fiction novel in awhile I have two comments for you. First, listen to Joyce Saricks as she has said in print many times, (and I paraphrase): The secret historical fiction lovers know is that historical fiction is a great and painless way to learn more about history.  Second, surf on over to Sarah's blog and find the book set in the historical time period that most interests you.

Finally, if you need more suggestions, here is a link to the books my students have read in the genre.

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Sarah Johnson said...

Thanks so much, Becky, for your wonderful comments! Wasn't Elizabeth Chadwick's post great? I've been enjoying reading your students' writeups, too; those were great choices for historical fiction.