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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Totally Hip Video Book Reviews By a Professional Reviewer

Book trailers have become quite popular recently. However, I have never been totally satisfied with them as a resource for helping readers. Yes, I like how they use a video format to sell a book, but it is still the author or publisher's version of their book.

What we really need are video book reviews by trained reviewers. The format would engage new potential readers who are more apt to respond to the video format and the content would also be critical and professional. As a RA librarian I need third party reviews in order to help patrons, especially with the newest titles that I have yet to read myself. However, most of these video review options are not done by professional reviewers.

Thankfully, Ron Charles, the book critic for The Washington Post also noticed this void and has filled it brilliantly.  His first two Totally Hip Book Reviews were done on his own, but The Washing Post has now signed on to sponsor him. 

In the example I have embedded below, Charles reviews Jonathan Franzen's Freedom. Here's what I love about what you will see. Chalres takes full advantage of his expertise as a reviewer and the video medium.  He uses visual gags, an informal and humorous tone, yet still manages to have an insightful and extremely useful review. I cannot wait for the next one; I heard it was going to be Sarah Gruen's Ape House.

Thanks to Early Word for leading me to Ron Chalres and his Totally Hip Book Reviews. Click here to access all of the reviews.

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