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Friday, October 8, 2010

RA for ALL in RUSQ

I received my issue of RUSQ this week but have been too busy writing to read it. Imagine my surprise when my RSS feed to Galley Cat had this link to Neal Wyatt's Alert Collector article entitled, "A Selection of Core Resources for Readers' Advisory Service," listing this blog, RA for All as one of the blogs of note. Click here for direct access to the page where RA for All is mentioned.

Neal's Alert Collector column in general is a must read for all Adult Services librarians, but this one in particular should be saved by any library staff members who are working with leisure readers. These are the best resources out there for assisting your leisure readers in the categories of books, articles, databases, websites, and blogs.

I am humbled and honored to be included on the list, but I am also just as excited to access some of the other resources. Most I have read and/or already subscribe to, some are by friends of mine, and one I even write for, but for many of the listed resources, the articles especially, I have not look at them since they first came out.

Every RA librarian, whether you are one of the ones creating these "core resources," or brand new on the desk, all of us, can use this list to better ourselves. We all need to continuously train ourselves, stay atop of the biggest trends, and understand the larger issues. No one is exempt from this.

I know what article my students will be reading first this spring. In fact, I think I can safely replace my list of suggested resources with this one core list. Thanks to Neal and her team for their hard work.

If you have a favorite RA resource that was left out, please leave a comment.


Amelia said...

I read that article and decided to check out some of the blogs and I'm very happy to have found yours.

MarianLibertarian said...
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MarianLibertarian said...

Full disclosure: I contributed to that column in RUSQ. But I didn't do the list of websites and blogs. It was great to see this blog on it. The whole list was informative and useful to anyone doing RA on a regular basis.