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Thursday, December 16, 2010

ALA Editions Blog

In this article in the LA Times last month, a prominent librarian questioned the place of gaming in the Public Library.

The new ALA Editions blog continued the discussion by asking their authors, including myself, to comment on the article.  Here is the link to the specific post.  Below, I have pulled out my quote/opinion:
Any program or service that brings people new to the library inside our doors presents an opportunity for us, the library staff, to show them everything else we have to offer them.  They can not know the breadth of information and materials we have if they never come through the doors to see it for themselves.
If you are interested in this issue, click through because the opinions are varied.  Also, keep an eye on this new blog from ALA Editions.  They are trying to provide professional information specifically geared toward all librarians.  I like following the blog because it gives me a glimpse into the entirety of library issues.  It is very easy to get too focused on your little niche and not consider the larger picture.  I am a better Reader Advisor if I keep up with the issues of the entire profession.  Signing up for the ALA Editions blog is an easy way to stay informed.

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