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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Student Annotations: Landscape Genres

Student annotations are back.  Over on the class WordPress blog you can now see the reports on what historical fiction, western, and fantasy titles our students read for this week.

I will remind you that I have set up this blog so that you can search by genre or appeal terms for titles.  Now that we are closing in on 400 posts, there are plenty of annotations there which you can use to help your patrons to find their next good read.  Clicking on "character-centered" for example, brings up dozens of varied options.  You can even do a keyword search.

Also, each annotation contains 6 readalike options (3 fiction and 3 nonfiction) meaning we have thousands of suggestions lurking on this one blog.  Remember, these annotations are written for a grade, so in theory, the students take their annotations seriously.  While they are not perfect, the information contained in their annotations is a great RA tool.

Their blog will be updated every Wednesday for the next few months.  I will note what you can expect each Wednesday evening here, but consider adding their url: http://ra763.wordpress.com/ to your feed reader.

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