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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Student Annotations: More Landscape and Adrenaline

Last night in class we discussed the Adrenaline genres: adventure, suspense, romantic suspense, and thriller.  These are all defined mostly by their fast paced stories of heroes on a mission.  Of course that is the 5 second version and we had 3 hours of class.

The students read some great examples of these fast and fun books and posted their annotations about them on the class WordPress blog.  Click on through to see.

Due the the big blizzard last month, we were still playing catch up in class, so we gave them an extra week to post their Landscape annotations (fantasy, historical fiction, and western).  They are mixed in with the Adrenaline annotations.  Again, click here to access them.

I hope their work inspires some of you out there to try a new book.

Next week is midterms which means I will have at least a few new Reading Maps to add to the archive.  Click here to access the Reading Map archive.  There are some fabulous tools available there for you and your readers.

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