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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tournaments of Books

As I mentioned here, The Morning News is gearing up to run their annual Tournament of Books.  The finalists have been picked and the bracket can be viewed here.

The Tourney is in its 7th year, running parallel to the NCAA BB Tourney.  The initial rounds have authors picking the winners, but as the tourney goes on, everyone else can have their say.  I do love this annual rite of passage for books, but it is very literary fiction biased.

Well, romance readers have their chance now too, in the DA BWAHA Tourney.  As explained on the website, there are 64 books broken up into 8 groups of 8.  They hit just about every subgenre of romance, so there is something here for every romance fan.  Here are the categories and finalists:

Hopefully, other genre lovers/bloggers will start running tourney of their own.  It is a great idea, to use the excitement around "March Madness" to draw attention to books.  The more the merrier I say.

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