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Friday, March 25, 2011

More Links and Resources Piling Up

I am at a crossroads again. The links I have been saving to use for a single post has gotten too long and I need to just suck it up and have a post of links. So here are some things that I feel are worth your time:
  • Even though I read Blogging for a Good Book every day, I keep forgetting how great it is as a resource.  All they do on this blog from the Williamsburg Regional Library is write about one book each weekday, but the do it very well.  BFGB is a great example of a blog sticking to its mission.  You can expect a solidly written, appeal based review of one book or DVD by a different member of the library staff every day.  It is fun to read, but it is also invaluable as a resource.  At this point, they have an archive of so many reviews that you can use the tags to search for just about any kind of book for any reader.  Try it.
  • Books on the Nighstand interviewed one of my favorite authors, Ian McEwan.  Use this link to head on over to their site to listen.
  • The Guardian ran this great interview with Henning Mankell talking about the publication of his last Wallander novel.
  • Looking for a good crime story, check out this post by J. Kingston Pierce in Kirkus Reviews listing his personal list of the top 5 most dependable crime writers. Also checkout the discussion that is going on in the comments; there are a ton of great crime fiction suggestions here.
  • Rose Fox, an editor at PW, shares her personal story of developing a love for ebooks.  Here is Part 1 and Part 2
  • Charles Frazier is going to have a new book this fall.  First one in 5 years and only the second novel since the wonderful Cold Mountain (still one of my all-time favs).  For more buzz on books that are still to come in 2011, use this link from Early Word.
  • Publishers Weekly has released their 2010 year-end analysis of bestsellers.  Click here to get started in exploring their numerous reports.  These reports are always very interesting and useful.  I make the students read and discuss them.  We will be doing this at the end of April.  I will post my opinions about it in more detail then.
That's enough for today.  My pile of links will start growing again tomorrow.

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