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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Biblical Fiction for Easter and Passover

In my house we celebrate Easter and Passover.  Actually if you want to be technical, we celebrate 2 Easters (Traditional and Orthodox) and Passover.  For the first time in many years, all three have overlapped into one giant religious melting pot.  So, in honor of the holidays, I thought I would suggest to you all some great Biblical Fiction.

I have chosen titles that are more Historical Ficiton than religious, although can be classified as "Christian Fiction."  These books would all appeal to a wide range of readers.  In fact, you do not even need to be a person of any faith to enjoy these books.  There is mostly fiction here, but some nonfiction as well.

I have also grouped these titles by their appeal, so while I have not individually annotated each title, I have chosen good sure bet options in each of the areas.

RA for All will pause to celebrate these three holidays.  So, no post tomorrow.  Back Monday with a new Monday Discussion.  Enjoy your weekend; however you are celebrating...or not.

If you want to read biographical historical fiction about a biblical person try...
If you want to read biblical fiction which gives you a good sense of the historical place and time try...
If you want to read a respectfully humorous, slightly irreverent story with a biblical frame try...
If you want to read a nonfiction book about a Bible based spiritual journey try...

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