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Friday, June 10, 2011

More Summer Reading Lists

I hope you enjoyed going "Around the World in 80 Murders" this week. While that feature was running, I was scanning the web for some of the other best summer reading lists.

Since the theme for summer reading at the BPL is "Novel Destinations" this year,  we are focusing on the fact that every book takes you on a journey somewhere.  So we say, read anything, just tell us where it took you.  I will add my own "Novel Destinations" line to each of my reviews this summer too.

Kathy and I are also taking the BPL RA department out of the building and to some Novel Destinations ourselves this summer.  More on the first trip later today...

But for now, here are further suggestions to set you off on a journey to a "novel destination" of your own choosing (nonfiction also encouraged):

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