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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things to Check Out

The kids don't have camp this week, add to that the holiday yesterday, and my work schedule is a bit wonky.  That means I will post when I can, but it may not be in depth.  I am also very behind in writing reviews, but they have an all day camp in Chicago every day next week, so I will catch up then.

So for today, I am catching up on all of my RSS feeds since Friday and passing the interesting ones on to you:
  • RITA awards for Romance books were passed out recently.  Click here for the full run down from the Smart Bitches.
  • RA Online is still plugging away on the compilation of Summer Reading lists.  Big thanks to them.  I have already used this database to help a few patrons.
  • Michael Dirda in the Washington Post's Book Forum wrote this essay about how to make the bestseller list work for more authors.  Interesting.
  • George R. R. Martin is mad at the Amazon employee who sent out 180 copies of A Dance With Dragons early, so mad he is threatening to mount his or her head on a spike.  I have read his stuff; I would be scared; this may not be a threat, but rather a promise.
  • From Lit Lists, author Adam Ross' favorite books under 200 pages.  I liked this link because we put up an express display at the BPL of good, short books right before the holiday.  They were short, mostly paperback, and very portable for the holiday weekend.  Happy to see we were not the only ones thinking along those lines.
  • Kim Newman's Anno Dracula is back in print! Time to order a fresh copy for your library.
  • Neil Hollands suggests book group warm-up exercises.  I am going to try some of these later this month. I'll let you know how it goes.

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