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Friday, August 5, 2011

eBook Resources

As of this week, I am the owner of an iPad 2.  I have already downloaded a few free books to try it out for reading.  But honestly, I am more excited to use it for reading my New Yorker subscription.  However, we are having technical difficulties getting that to work.

Here I see the "ebook" as an advantage.  I am always behind on New Yorkers, but they are a great way to stay up to date on the newest in fiction and popular nonfiction, since many things that appear there go on to become best selling books.  I can carry all of my New Yorkers through their iPad app (that is when I get it to work) since I am already carrying the iPad for its other features (calendar, email, etc...), while I can leave the various half read issues in my bedroom for reading at my leisure.  They get messy once they are open and half read.

The iPad is not the best electronic way to read books.  The Kindle's digital paper technology really is the best, but I have the iPad to do much more than read books.

We also have the on-going technology petting zoo at the BPL where you can physically touch and use a Sony eReader, Nook, iPad or Kindle right in the library.  It also serves as a download station for anyone who wants to use OverDrive to checkout an eBook or mp3 audiobooks.

Also, Joyce and I met today to get ready for the Fall semester, and we officially added ebooks to the day where we teach "formats." Previously it was just graphic novels and audiobooks.

So, for myself personally, to help patrons, AND to teach students, I am actively on the look out for the best eBook resources for libraries.  As of right now, my favorite one is No Shelf Required, which I have mentioned before.

But in this past week's ALA Direct email to members, I found this link to eReader Resources from the Internet Public Library 2 that serves as a great clearinghouse of all eBook info for libraries.  I am going to be visiting this page often.

How are eBook entering your life now?

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Rebecca said...

be sure to find your Jan/Feb issue of Public Libraries - I did an article on free ebook resources. In fact, I'll email you the PDF.