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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My New Boyfriend

No not really, but if I was looking for one it would be Gregory Karp. On Sunday he published this essay entitled "You Can Get That at the Library."

This is a great column (from the Business Section!) about why people should care about the library.  Karp goes through things you can get at your library like e-books, museum tickets, live shows, and Kilowatt meters to name a few.  [By the way, every thing he mentions is available at the BPL.]

But the main reason he has me smitten is his final comment:
Librarians. Perhaps the greatest resource of all is free access to an information expert, your local librarian, who, coincidentally, can turn you on to all the new offerings the library has.
Finally, the respect we deserve.  Thank you.

PS: For the record, my husband is the one who gave me the article.

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