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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Student Annotations

It's summer so Joyce's students in GSLIS 763 are meeting twice a week to discuss books.  On our class blog they posted Monday's Nonfiction selections and after 6pm tonight there will be more.

Don't forget to click on over and see what they are reading. Remember, they get to choose, so we have books that range from brand new to forgotten favorites to classics with each new round of posts.

The blog in general is a great place to find a reading suggestion.  You can search by appeals like humorous, character centered, or violent [we have had over 1700 tags used and all are searchable] or you can search by genre or format [these are determined by the instructors].  You can use it as you help patrons or let readers use the blog themselves to find something that strikes their fancy.

I am so happy to see my grand idea begun back in January of 2009 of creating a place where all of the wonderful work product of our students could be shared with and used by readers everywhere finally coming to fruition.  With over 500 annotations, there really is a book for every reader waiting to be discovered on the LIS 763 Class Blog. Also, since the students are also required to provide 3 fiction and 3 nonfiction readalikes for each book, you really get 7 suggestions for each annotation posted.

It is all part of my overall goal of showcasing the great RA work being done to help readers to find their next good read. If you have never checked out the Student Blog, give it a try right now.

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