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Friday, September 2, 2011

Ode to the Old Fashioned Book

With the holiday weekend about to start, I thought I would keep it light today with an ode to the printed book.

Over on Book Group Buzz, Neil Hollands took a break from writing about book clubs to talk about how books and audio books got him through a rough few days cleaning up from Hurricane Irene.  Click here to read the essay which ends with this great line:
So here’s to my old friend the book, which requires only a candle or tiny flashlight on even the darkest of nights.
I support ebooks whole heartedly, but Neil is right, there is no technology that can compete with a book.  The printed book is the perfect delivery device for reading: you don't need a power source and you can take it with you everywhere.

So as you start your holiday weekend and say goodbye to summer, grab a book to take with you.  Don't know what to book to choose.  Good thing you are here at RA for All.  Look around and see what I have been suggesting.  You can start with the tags, reading lists, book discussion books, or what I'm reading or click through to The Browsers' Corner or my Shelfari for suggestions.

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