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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Student Annotations: Sense of Place

Tonight is the first night of student annotations of the semester.  You can expect new content on their blog every Wednesday by 6pm.

I cannot stress enough what a great resource the student blog is for finding your patrons (or yourself) their next good read.  There are over 550 annotations now! You can search by genre, format (graphic novel, audio), appeal (such as dark, character-centered, fast paced), author, or title.  There are also at least 6 readalike options with the reasons why they are readalikes for each title.  We have full-text searching too.  So, if you search for a specific title, your results could include both a full annotations for said title or a place where this title is mentioned as a readalike option.

Anyway, enough with the promotion, click here to see this week's brand new entries for book in the genres in which the setting is THE most important appeal factor: fantasy, historical fiction, and westerns. Also the links enabled in the last sentence for each genre will pull up everything ever posted under that genre

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