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Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Reader Driven Resource: Book Riot

A few days ago a brand new site, Book Riot, launched.  From their "welcome" post:
Though e-books, bookstore closings, and self-publishing are dominating book news these days, there is actually something more fundamental changing about the business of books. Something that will shape the future of books and reading as much, and maybe more than, any of these. And it’s as simple as it is revolutionary—readers are now in control.
Not critics, or agents, or publishers, or authors. Readers.
This is not the silent control of buying books either; it is control of the way books are written, published, publicized, read, and remembered.
You’ve seen this, even if you didn’t notice it. You saw it when you preferred a GoodReads recommendation to a New York Times review. When you checked an Amazon review before buying a book. When you liked an author on Facebook or did an on-line read-a-long. If you read a blog (and especially if you write one), you have seen first hand what can happen when readers get together with other readers. And I think what we’ve learned so far is that there is no wrong way to talk about books.
The forms of this control are still in the early stages of development. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, its fans and its detractors. What is clear at this point, though, is that beyond the covers and critics, the signings and sequels, the bestsellers and the best-ofs, our love of reading exceeds the traditional ways books have been discussed. We don’t want to be pitched, scolded, flattered, implored, or instructed; we want to revel in reading and to find others who share our passions. (more here)
One of the contributors also posted here about her place on the site.

One of my favorite things about Book Riot is how they have separate YA section as well as news, reviews, and opinion all categorized to make the site easier to use.  You can simply follow the blog or focus on a certain section.  It should prove intuitive for both readers and those of us who assist them on a regular basis.

I have already set up my RSS feed and am quite excited to follow the reader revolution.

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