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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reading Maps Archive Updated

The midterms are all graded, so I have a few new reading maps I want to share with the wider world.

First, a handful of disclaimers and requests:
  1. Now that we have been collecting reading maps for awhile, there were too many in the archive.  Yesterday, I went through and only kept those which earned a grade of A- or higher and are still live.
  2. I will not automatically post every reading map we receive.  I will keep the standard of A- or higher for new maps.
  3. Please use this archive to help readers.  Going back through it I realized what a rich collection we now have.  There are books across all genres from YA to classics to cult favorites.  I am especially proud of the number of nonfiction titles we have.  These are all amazing RA tools. They are meant to be used by librarians and readers. I highly suggest you bookmark the archive and use it regularly.  We have had some amazing students over the years, many who have gone on to be prominent in the RA field.
  4. The maps are listed in chronological order in the archive.  So, the newest are at the bottom.  This semester's additions are:
  5. Finally, don't forget, this all began with Neal Wyatt's Library Journal article where reading maps were first introduced as an RA tool.
Click here for the entire archive.  It is always available in the right gutter of RA for All under the heading "Pages."

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