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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wanted: Your Favorite Book Blogs

I am working on an article for NoveList entitled "Blogs You Might Have Missed."

I have been compiling lists for awhile now, but I thought I might ask all of you to share some of your favorites.  For the record, I will not be including any blogs that made this RUSQ article from October 2010 entitled, "A Selection of Core Resources for Readers' Advisory Service"(which means I disqualify my own blog from the article since RA for All is listed there).  These blogs have already had their moment in the sun and I do not considered them "missed."

I would love to hear from you, my readers too.  The great thing about blogs in their interactive nature.  The best blogs not only generate useful content, but they also create conversations between their writers and their readers.  So please join the interactive process of writing this article about interactive resources.

The article is due to the editors the first week of January, but will not be published until the end of February/beginning of March.  I already have plenty of blogs to highlight, but I am sure I have missed some great ones.  So over the holidays, why not comment on this post and leave me your personal choices for "blogs you might have missed."

I will credit all who share a blog with me in the article.



ckubala said...

Blogging for a Good Book
A suggestion a day from the Williamsburg Regional Library, Virginia

Beyond a doubt my favorite daily blog. What I love most is the many voices sharing their favorites, featuring different genres and media each day. The RA staff at the Williamsburg Library are the cat's meow!

ckubala said...

Sarah Johnson's Reading the Past is a must for those looking for historical reads.


Librarian & Author, Johnson's reviews are concise, interesting and give a fair evaluation of up and coming historical fiction.

ckubala said...

Sorry Becky, Missed Reading the Past on your prior list and hope I didn't miss Blogging for a Good Book. I do love both! My enthusiam gets away from me.

Cari said...

I would be honored if you'd consider my podcast (with cohost Beth) The ABC Book Reviews (http://bethandcari.blogspot.com). We both work at the Twinsburg Library in Twinsburg, OH. We've been recording since 2007 and are fast approaching our 100th episode. Although we did lose some episodes due to a server transfer, we still have many great podcasts in the archives. We've been featured in Library Journal and get approximately 3000 downloads a month. Thanks!! Cari

Becky said...

Thanks Cari. I plan to have an entire section on librarian run blogs. Your should fit in nicely.

In fact, maybe I should just include a podcast section. You have inspired me, I am going to go over to my google doc and add that note right now. Thanks for sharing.

Leah White said...

My favorite, all time, is The Millions: http://www.themillions.com/

Cari said...

Thanks so much for including us, Becky! I really appreciate it. We love RA for All! -Cari