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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Battle of 2011's Best and Best to Come in 2012

I was going through my RSS feeds yesterday and found two things that on their own are interesting, but paired together are fun.

First, one of my favorite events of the  year has begun, the annual battle of the books over on The Morning News.  Basically they run a bracket system like the NCAA basketball tourney where the previous year's best books battle it out for supremacy.  They use guest editors to stage the battles and make the decision.  It is a wonderufl way to wrap up the dueling "best of the year" lists.  Click here for all of the info.

So I will let the good people at The Morning News close out 2011 in the world of books (although my votes are for Swamplandia or the Sister's Brothers).

So now let's move to 2012.  I love this calendar from the people at Book Page.  It breaks down the most anticiapted book of 2012 by month.  I will use this calendar all year.  I can use it to plan for collection development purposes, and for my own sake.  I may have to start a countdown to the publication of The Twelve I am so excited for it (scroll to August).

There you have it.  Out with the old and in with the new!

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