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Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Discussion: Predict the Trends for 2012

Today I want to look back on the trends from 2011 and try to predict what will be popular in 2012.  Why don't you help me?

Some (not all) of the more memorable trends from 2011 (with links) were:
Some of these were continuations from 2010, but there are always new trends popping up.

Things I think (or in some cases, hope) will be trends in 2012 include:
[Please note: this list is to be read with sarcasm]
  • Libraries increase their fight against the eBook publishers for more say in how we acquire and loan electronic books.  Right now, we are all sitting back and taking it.  I see cage match in our future.
  • The number of series finally outpace standalone books meaning if your book doesn't have a sequel, I will have to weed it.
  • People get sick of the cold and darkness of Nordic Noir and switch to the bright warmth of Caribbean Crime.
  • Zombies, vampires, and werewolves are forgotten for a renewed interest in angels and cuddly animals.  And just in time for my new book to come out, meaning no one will want to buy it.
Okay, now it is your turn.  For today's Monday Discussion, what do you think will be the trends of 2012?  Make your list funny, serious, or a combination of the two like I did.

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Kimberly said...

Great list! I agree about the eBook bickering. Nothing in the publishing industry is consistent, yet, so the directions we take will be very interesting.

My guess for 2012 is that most books will be compared to The Hunger Games whether the book is a read-alike or not. The movie is just going to promote the use of this comparison to an escalating crescendo.

I’m not sure that Florida crime (Carl Hiaasen, Bob Morris, Edna Buchanan, Steven Forman, Dorothy Brenner Francis, Blaize Clement, Tim Dorsey et al) didn’t precede Nordic Noir making Caribbean Crime just a new twist on an old theme, but I think that Nordic Noir is leading us to more translated fiction. Or maybe Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 is leading us there. Nonetheless, I see more translated fiction in our futures. However, the weight of a copy of 1Q84 is enough to make some of us consider eBooks more fondly. . . . .

Mike said...

Mike BPL REF....

I predict the demand for
Books for Dummies will soar.
In an effort to make certain
that every facet of life is
covered by the series we will
soon see such odes to help-
lessness such as 'Sneezing
for Dummies", "Backscratching
for Dummies", and "Breathing
for Dummies". The year will
end with the publication of
the ultimate classic of the
series: 'Dummies for

John BPL RA said...

- James Patterson still popular
- Ebooks fill void left by Borders

Becky said...

Yes Kim, but Caribbean Crime uses the alliteration of Nordic Noir. :)

Good call on the Hunger Games.