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Friday, February 24, 2012

Berwyn Public Library: No Longer a "Shhh!" Place

This week, the library was the COVER STORY in our local newspaper.  Click here for the article.

After years of Tammy and I and now Kathy fighting to reshape the library's image as a fun and vibrant place, people are finally getting it.  Props to Kathy for getting her catch phrase as the title.  In the RA Department we don't Shhh! anyone; in fact we encourage conversation.

The article begins with a nod to our fabulous Book Lover's Club (which meets again on March 30th, by the way) and also mentions Trivia Night (which meets again March 6th), both of which are run by the BPL RA Dream Team.

So today, I just wanted to toot our horn! And remind you that the Library is a vibrant place.  Come join us for some fun.  Yes we have books and some designated quiet areas off in the corners of the basement, but for the most part you will find us smiling and chatting about what we are reading, watching, and listening to.

Please feel free to share with me some of  the ways your library is trying to shake the "Shhh!" label.

On a related note, we conceived our Book Lover's Club to be a social club for people who like books.  We hoped that by simply coming together to informally share books, people would not only find their next good read, but also meet some new friends.  After 4 meetings this is starting to happen.  Kathy and I couldn't be happier; we are bringing people together through books.  It is a dream come true.

Here's an event for book lover's in NYC which takes our social club to the next logical step...Literary Speed Dating.  If I weren't already happily married, this would be my kind of dating scene.

Have a great weekend.

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