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Monday, February 20, 2012

RA Programs at PLA

I have been so busy getting ready for my own talk at PLA that I kept forgetting to plan the rest of my time at the conference.

No problem though, over on RA Online, they got it all ready.  Here is a link to the full offering of anything RA related in Philly.  Thanks to them for compiling it and including "Trends in Genre Series."  Speaking of my talk, I am working on my handouts still, but I have my 3 "trends" up here.

Personally, I will not only be at the RA programs.  Since I am the sole person from my library attending the conference, I also have a list from others at work with programs that seemed interesting to them.  Besides, it will do me good to look "outside of the box" for a few hours.

Take a look through the RA schedule. Whether you are going or not, let me know which programs look the most interesting to you and I can post more information about them after the conference here on RA for All.

This is my sole post for today.  No Monday Discussion.  The Library is closed for President's Day and this is one of the few Mondays that my kids and I are all off.  Time to go have some fun. The Monday Discussion will return next week.


Sarah Elsewhere said...

I'd be interested to hear what happens in the Music Advisory session, if you attend, but they all seem potentially useful!

More than anything though, I'm curious if other librarians have tips for the growing popularity of self-pub eBook authors among patrons. Reader review sites can be helpful, but are there more tools out there?

Becky said...

Sarah, I may check out Music Advisory.

My boss did circle a few eBook things. I am also going to an ARRT program on the topic in April at Naperville PL.

I will have info then too.