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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Student Annotations: Sense of Place

For those of you who follow the class blog, student annotations are back.

This semester's students have begun exploring the popular genres of adult leisure reading.

The first of many weeks of posts are up on the class blog right now.

This week we are talking about the genres in which the setting is the most important appeal factor.  So click through to see what books they have read in the Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and Western Genres.

Remember, every book read comes with a minimum of 6 readalikes too.  This blog is truly a treasure trove of information.  I can't believe I let a few years pass without archiving their work so that others could use it to help their readers (or themselves).

To see a compilation of everything read by all of the students who have ever contributed to the blog, you can use the genre links provided in the right gutter of the site, or you can click here for Fantasy, here for Historical Fiction, and here for Westerns.

You can choose any genre you want, at any time, I just like to alert RA for All readers when their is new content on the class blog.

Also, don't forget that you can also search for books based on their appeal factors by using our tag cloud.

So, let my student's help you to find you your next good read.

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