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Friday, March 16, 2012

PLA Report: RA Toolkit V: RA Training Makes It Happen

This morning, bright and early (but providing a chocolate treat incentive), Joyce Saricks, Neal Wyatt, and Georgine Olson Presented their fifth RA Toolkit PLA presentation.

This year they focused on how to train your entire library staff in basic RA skills.

There are a lot of very good handouts for this program.  If you click here and scroll down to Friday at 8:15 and look for the title of the program, you will find a link to all 6 handouts.

I especially like the "The Sane Librarian Genre Study" one.

More reports still to come.


Anonymous said...

You need to put the www in www.placonference.org/programs because otherwise it won't load.

Becky said...

I just fixed it. Thanks. Sorry for the delay. I was on vacation.