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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Discussion: Mothers in Fiction

I know I am a day late here, but after spending yesterday celebrating Mother's Day with my kids and mother-in-law, it got me to thinking about making list of our favorite fictional mothers.

Now, you can share the mother's you have admired or despised.  Over on her blog, At the Ref Desk, Verna in our Reference Department made this fun list of the Worst Mothers in Literature.  I guess I am just looking for you to give me the mothers from literature who pop into your head right away.

I'll go first.  I will offer a mother good and a mother bad.

For a bad mother try Chicago author Gillian Flynn's debut novel Sharp Objects.  I bring this us because there is a truly terrible mother in this novel, but also, Flynn will be visiting the BPL this summer.  I will have details very soon.

For a good example of a mother I like, try the Bookmobile Mysteries by Ian Sansom.  You can click here for my reviews.  The main character's mother is both funny and truly loving.

I hope you Moms out there enjoyed your day yesterday.  I know I had a wonderful day.

Now let me know some memorable moms you have read about.

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John BPL RA said...

I must agree about the Gillian Flynn ha ha! I always thought the mom in Tom Sawyer was pretty horrible. Happy belated Mothers Day Becky.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Bates in Robert Bloch's
Psycho has to be one of the
most memorable mothers in
fiction. Her influence on
her deranged son Norman is
at the core of his horrific

Anonymous said...

The mother in "Push" is not only a horrible mother but an awful human being. She was abusive in every way possible.