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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Original Stories on Greeting Cards

A few weeks ago, I stopped by the Handmade Market Chicago craft fair at The Empty Bottle (an awsome bar/live music venue) in Chicago.

There I met the owners and creators of an interesting company, Aporia.  Read their "About" page for details, but here is what I gathered from talking to them.  This couple is clearly very passionate about publishing quality short fiction. In fact, I like how they put it on the "About" page when they say they believe in the "sellable" quality of good literature.

Their goal is to have a new series of card with 10 original pieces of micro-fiction, released each quarter written by Chicago writers.

They are currently offering Series I here.  What I like about Aporia, besides the fact that they are publishing new, original works by unknown authors, is that they are also playing with format.  Who said pieces of short fiction need to be combined together into one volume? Where does it say things have to be in electronic format to be innovative?

I love that they have combined reading and writing with greeting cards.  You can send someone a note and a piece of literature.  Talk about thinking outside the box.  It is also nice to see people in my community who are so passionate about the written word that they would start a new company just to promote local writers.

You can click on over to read the stories (which are good) or  to order some cards.

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